New Phentermine policy starting May 11th 2023

Starting May 11th, 2023 the Biden administration is adding an extra hoop and loop to jump before getting Phentermine treatment online.

New Patients who register here after May11th, 2023 can only get a 30-day supply of phentermine. After that they will need to get a one-time referral letter from their primary care provider to continue weight loss treatment here.

New and Returning/Established patients of this clinic who registered here on or before May 11th 2023 will continue to get their refills regularly until November 11th 2023.

After November 11th, 2023 established patients will need a one-time referral letter to continue treatment here.

If you are an established patient of this clinic and you cant get a referral letter by November 11th, 2023 then we will place you on a non-controlled-substance weight loss medication such as Orlistat, Contrave, Semaglutide etc

We will keep you posted if anything changes