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  • #1 Phentermine clinic in the United States.

  • This Phentermine Clinic is 100% virtual.

  • Doctor's consultation is online via video-chat using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Highest-rated weight loss clinic on google in 2022

  • Your Phentermine will be delivered to you by mail. The mail order-pharmacy will deliver to your home within 2 days.

  • You can also pick up your medication at your local pharmacy if you live in these states

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Phentermine clinic beats John Hopkins Hospital, Cleveland clinic & Mayo Clinic combined in Patient Satisfaction score. Click here

  • No commute, No traffic and No waiting

  • Same day appointments!

  • Open 7 days of the week!

  • Clinic communication is via Video-chat and text available 24/7. Text (866) 682-6983

  • Educational weight loss videos


$120 for new Patients

$110 for established patients

*(This fee doesn't include medications. You will have to buy your medication in the pharmacy).

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*Phentermine is for patients with a BMI of 27 or more. if your BMI is below 27 an alternative medication maybe prescribed for you

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Video-chat with one of our medical Doctors

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Pick up your script from the pharmacy 20 minutes later

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what we don't prescribe

  • Vitamin B 12: This is useless for weight loss. That's why we don't offer it to our patients. learn more

  • HcG :This is out rightly dangerous. We don't offer HcG in this clinic too. Learn more

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